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COVID 19 Updates

Specialising in Shirt Ironing perfection

OSCA provides a professional pick up and delivery Ironing Service to the inner Eastern suburbs of Melbourne:

(Armadale, Balwyn, Balwyn North, Brighton, Camberwell, Canterbury, Carlton, City (CBD), City (St Kilda Road), East Melbourne, Glen Iris, Ivanhoe, Kew, Kew East, Kooyong, Malvern, Middle Park, South Melbourne, South Yarra, Surrey Hills, Toorak.)

We are here to “Take care of You” by making the ironing "Go Away". Only to bring it back perfectly ironed and presented, ready for you to wear at your convenience.

Focussing on the perfect shirt; OSCA can take care of all your ironing needs

Customise our ironing service to your wishes so the ironing is done exactly how you like it with the OSCA "Wish List". Ironing has never been this easy.

We find and then train the best ironers in Melbourne so you don’t have to.

You can relax knowing that your garments are in the hands of dedicated and caring ironers who excel in their time honoured, traditional skill.

We are dependable, consistent, always looking to please and looking forwards to being of service.


September 2021


Osca resuming update


Confirming that OSCA will be open for service from Monday 27th September, having made some critical changes to the OSCA ironing workshop and the way the service operates. Giving us the confidence that we can reopen safely for our customers as well as our ironing staff.

Depending on workload and new staff rostering, we may ask for some OSCA booking delivery times to be extended by an extra 24 hours just to ensure we continue to deliver the quality of ironing you are accustomed to.

Our companion service EVERGREEN IRONING remains open. If you have tried Evergreen Ironing service over the last few weeks, thanks for your support. Use OSCA for your quality items, Evergreen Ironing as your budget service, you are welcome to use either or both to get the best out of us.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch so we can ensure your experience with our services is as good as it has been intended.


Osca resuming update


- The Delta variant spreads faster than the 2020 variant, especially in homes and workplaces.
- Victoria’s lockdown 6 has not been as effective as previous lockdowns.
- Victoria has reached the 70% 1st vaccination target.
- Some restrictions have been eased.
- Victoria is planning to end lockdown on October 26.
- The ‘Victoria’s Roadmap’ announced today offers some certainty and predictability into the near future.


We don’t know what will happen next week and in the coming weeks as restrictions are eased.

Will the outbreak intensify? Will our hospitals and front line workers be able to cope?


OSCA customers have been given an opportunity to use EVERGREEN IRONING, OSCA’s companion budget service.

EVERGREEN service is entirely contactless and all the ironers work from their own home.

OSCA customers that have taken up the EVERGREEN budget alternative report high levels of satisfaction with the quality and service EVERGREEN provides.

At this stage, we are hoping to re-open OSCA on Monday 27th of September, being satisfied that we have put in place all measures that will allow us to mitigate the risks and open up safely.

We will confirm next Sunday, September 26th by a text message.


We have introduced a staggered hours timetable for OSCA ironing staff to minimise contact and personal interaction. This may mean that some bookings will change to 48 hour pick-up to delivery. For this purpose, we will contact you personally when OSCA resumes.

All members of the OSCA team have been vaccinated.

The OSCA workshop has been re-structured to provide better ventilation.

HEPA Filter (0.3 microns effective) air purification has been installed in the OSCA workshop.

All precautions as per the COVID SAFE Plan have been and are still adhered to.

Extra hygiene practices. Masks. Contactless pick-up and delivery. Staggered work hours for the OSCA ironing team, ample room in the workspace to maintain distance and minimise personal interaction. We are being extra vigilant to all possible transmission threats, inside and outside of the OSCA ironing workshop including directing staff to test.

We hope the above measures can give you the security to continue to use OSCA when the OSCA workshop re-opens on Monday 27th of September.

If you haven’t tried EVERGREEN IRONING, there are still some bookings available for OSCA customers should you need over the next week.

OSCA and EVERGREEN IRONING are companion services and you are welcome to use one, the other or both going forward.


Melbourne Lockdown Update

Over 170 cases reported today. ‘Disappointing’ describes the news well. The intangible suppression we have all been working towards in Melbourne just becomes more elusive. In fact, it seems that we have given up on that goal. Whilst most of us it would seem, are doing the right thing, the virus has other ideas.

Having a plan is great. Having a plan that isn’t working is just plain depressing.

Every time we think we have a way out from this mess, the daily news strikes another blow. I know I am not saying anything enlightening here, I imagine we all feel that way.

So we get up, brush our selves off and have another go. Put on a brave face, cast aside yesterday’s plan and start again. OSCA plan version 6.7 – until tomorrow.

Clearly, the virus can come up with more variants than we are able to so for now, disappointingly, OSCA remains in a lock down. Our sincere apologies do not reflect how frustrated we feel right now, but as things stand, OSCA remains closed for now.

That’s the bad news.

However, as tradition would have it, for every bit of bad news, there should be some good news and the good news is pretty good. Last week we encouraged OSCA customers to try out the EVERGREEN IRONING service. A number of you have taken the opportunity to clear the ever growing pile of ironing and the feedback has been very positive with repeat bookings.

It is an acceptable solution until OSCA re-opens and we recommend it.

Please read the previous news article where we explain what the main differences between the two services are. To save you going to the EVERGREEN IRONING website, the pick-up and delivery times are as follows:

Pick-up Monday morning for a Wednesday morning delivery. Some bookings are still available

Pick-up Wednesday morning for a Friday morning delivery. Bookings are available

Pick-up Friday morning for a Sunday morning delivery. Some bookings are still available

All you need to do is text us and let us know when you would like a pick up.

The EVERGREEN ph no. is 0402 404 926

If you like, we can also add you to a text reminder list and you will receive a text the day before your due preferred pick up day for you to confirm whether you do or don’t need a pick up. Let us know.

If there is anything else you want to discuss, suggest, ask, call us on the OSCA number.

We are actively thinking of and looking for possible solutions and you will be the first to know if we think we have found a way to re-open OSCA. It is our business, we have dedicated our lives to it, we are doing our best.

August 2021


Melbourne Lockdown Update

Like everyone else, we are desperately looking for some good news every time Dan Andrews holds a press conference. Having thought that surely “we can beat this” if everyone does the right thing and we’ll be out of lockdown in a couple of weeks.

We are a small business. Our forte is to come up with innovative solutions to any problem, but this time it’s been pretty hard to maintain the optimism of better things to come. However, always looking for a win-win outcome, we may have come up with a temporary solution that may work for everyone.

As you know we have acquired another ironing business recently and it is important to explain the difference between OSCA IRONING and EVERGREEN IRONING for this to make any sense, please bear with me.

OSCA is focused on providing the best quality of ironing. For that reason, we operate the service from a central workshop, where we can use specialised equipment and regularly train our crew to maintain the highest of quality and standards.

The difficulty, this time around is that this COVID variant is different. If the virus is anywhere, it is everywhere as is evident in Sydney and NSW and although Melbourne has gone hard and early, the numbers are not going down. We are not certain that the measures we put in place during the previous outbreak are sufficient.

In our opinion, the risk of bringing people together to a central location for an extended period of time, especially considering that we are in contact with and responsible to almost a hundred customer families a week is just too great. Unfortunately, setting up the equipment and resources for our crew to work from home and maintaining a strict control are really quite impractical. For these reasons, the OSCA workshop remains closed during the current lockdown.

EVERGREEN IRONING is entirely contactless and all the ironers work from their own homes, on their own equipment. It is a low overhead budget service. The ironers are dedicated and do their best, but the quality is not the same as OSCA quality. EVERGREEN remains open under the conditions of the current lockdown.

Our plans to introduce a combination of the two services to you this year as a means of providing a better budget solution to your ironing needs was interrupted by the most recent lockdown. The introduction letters are sitting in our office now, waiting for the lockdown to end.

The idea being - OSCA quality for the ironing you most care about and EVERGREEN budget for the ironing that does not require the same attention to detail. Effectively - more ironing for your ironing dollar.

This brings us to the proposed solution for your ironing needs during this current lockdown.

Try EVERGREEN IRONING now and find out if this option will fit in with your ironing needs in the future as well.

Hopefully, Victoria’s contact tracers can get on top of things and OSCA will be back on deck in a week or two and in the meanwhile, some of that ironing that is piling up can be taken care of for you.

We may need to juggle a few things around and the pick up and delivery times may vary, but if you write us an email or give us a call, we are sure to be able to help.

Thank you again for your support during these unusual times, we hope this alternative may go some way towards helping out.

Affectionately yours,
Luke, Eve and Osca



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