"Excellent conditions for excellent ironers.
Over 50's welcome! Life experience is valued at Osca."


Both the Osca Office and the Osca Workshop is situated in Bulleen, Victoria

Osca customers expect their ironing done in a particular way and our job is to provide what they want: Perfection.

At Osca we focus on being the best we can be, while also giving excellent service. To that end we have built up a small team of 'angels' who can produce the best quality ironing in Melbourne, but we are always on the lookout for another exceptional ironer to join our dedicated team.

A Professional Ironer at Osca is expected to adopt Osca Methods & Techniques, to iron to our customers' requirements and demonstrate that they have the drive, motivation and determination to succeed in being part of the Osca Team.

In return we provide a safe, friendly and supportive work environment, with above award rates and excellent conditions.

Professional Ironer at Osca: VACANCY

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm
Rate: From $25.00 p/h and upwards

Besides a positive attitude, a friendly demeanour, honesty, integrity and commitment - as well as good literacy and numeracy skills - an Osca Professional Ironer will have had experience and demonstrate a high level of skill in the following competencies:
  • Understanding and handling of a broad range of woven, stretch and knitted fabrics: eg. 100% cotton, silk, wool, linen, rayon, rami, tencel, polyester, damask, jacquard, poplin, corduroy, satin, denim, embroidery, appliques, beading, sequence, prints, lace, etc;
  • Hand Steam Ironing a full spectrum of garments, as well as bed and table linen: eg. Men's Business shirts, Dress & Dinner shirts; Ladies Blouses, Ladies' Shirts, Tunics, Dresses and Skirts; Tailored Trousers, Khakis, Chinos, Jeans, School Pants, Cargo Pants, Lined Pants, Stretch or Tracksuit Pants, Polo shirts & T-shirts, Sloppy Joes & Hoodies, Jackets, School Uniforms and Dresses, Children's clothes, as well as Plain and Frilled Pillow Cases, Doona Covers, Fitted Sheets, Flat sheets, Valances, Bed Spreads; Table Linen: Napkins, Place Mats, Doylies, Runners, Round & Oblong Table Cloths, Square, Rectangular and Banquet Table Cloths, Battenberg, Lace & Embroidered Table Cloths;
  • Methods & Techniques including: Preparation & sorting methods; Starch varieties, properties & application techniques; Ironing dark garments without shine; Neatness in final presentation, both hanging and folding garments or bed and table linen; Basic laundry and stain removal methods;
  • The use of a heated and foot-pedal operated vacuum-fan assisted ironing table and a hand steam iron, including heat and steam setting requirements for various fabrics (as above);
  • High standards in Cleanliness and Hygiene;
  • Understanding of Occupational Health & Safety basics for the industry.

If you believe you have what it takes, please complete the Osca Employment Application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Osca Trainee Ironer: VACANCY

Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 9.30am to 2.30pm
Rate: From $20.50 p/h

This position incorporates the Osca Basic Ironing Training Course: a comprehensive, one-on-one course (customized for the individual trainee & valued at $6,000) it takes up to 12 months to complete and is offered FREE to the candidate(s) who - upon successful completion of their training - want to secure the position of Professional Ironer at Osca and who possess the following attributes:
  • Keen observation skills;
  • Dexterous hands and fingers;
  • Excellent motor co-ordination;
  • Good literacy and numeracy skills;
  • A natural affinity to fabrics;
  • A high regard for the Art of Ironing;
  • A curiosity about the history and science of ironing;
  • An interest in health and well-being;
  • An eagerness to learn;
  • A willingness to follow instructions;
  • A strong sense of commitment; and
  • Ambition to become one the best in the industry and join the Osca team of Professionals.

If you believe you have what it takes, please complete the Osca Employment Application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ironers' Assistant: (Laundry Level 1) NO VACANCY

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 2.30pm
(NB. A minumum of 20 hours per week, however hours may vary according to daily workload.)

Training: The Osca Ironers' Assistant Training, which takes up to 12 weeks, is provided free.

Rate: From $19.77 p/h for the duration of Training, after completion of Training from $20.48 p/h.

Skills required:
  • Good literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Understanding of Excel;
  • Accurate typing skills;
  • Ability to follow instructions;
  • Ability to work independantly;
  • Ability to recognise a broad range of fabrics, garment or item types and styles;
  • Cleanliness and hygiene.
Duties will include:
  • Preparing starch;
  • Countng items for ironing;
  • Recording items counted;
  • Sorting and pre dampening items for ironing;
  • Sewing on buttons;
  • Sorting hangers;
  • Some laundry duties;
  • Some cleaning duties.

If you believe you are suitable and possess the necessary blend of skills please complete the Osca Ironers’ Assistant Application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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