September 2021


Osca resuming update


Confirming that OSCA will be open for service from Monday 27th September, having made some critical changes to the OSCA ironing workshop and the way the service operates. Giving us the confidence that we can reopen safely for our customers as well as our ironing staff.

Depending on workload and new staff rostering, we may ask for some OSCA booking delivery times to be extended by an extra 24 hours just to ensure we continue to deliver the quality of ironing you are accustomed to.

Our companion service EVERGREEN IRONING remains open. If you have tried Evergreen Ironing service over the last few weeks, thanks for your support. Use OSCA for your quality items, Evergreen Ironing as your budget service, you are welcome to use either or both to get the best out of us.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch so we can ensure your experience with our services is as good as it has been intended.


Osca resuming update


- The Delta variant spreads faster than the 2020 variant, especially in homes and workplaces.
- Victoria’s lockdown 6 has not been as effective as previous lockdowns.
- Victoria has reached the 70% 1st vaccination target.
- Some restrictions have been eased.
- Victoria is planning to end lockdown on October 26.
- The ‘Victoria’s Roadmap’ announced today offers some certainty and predictability into the near future.


We don’t know what will happen next week and in the coming weeks as restrictions are eased.

Will the outbreak intensify? Will our hospitals and front line workers be able to cope?


OSCA customers have been given an opportunity to use EVERGREEN IRONING, OSCA’s companion budget service.

EVERGREEN service is entirely contactless and all the ironers work from their own home.

OSCA customers that have taken up the EVERGREEN budget alternative report high levels of satisfaction with the quality and service EVERGREEN provides.

At this stage, we are hoping to re-open OSCA on Monday 27th of September, being satisfied that we have put in place all measures that will allow us to mitigate the risks and open up safely.

We will confirm next Sunday, September 26th by a text message.


We have introduced a staggered hours timetable for OSCA ironing staff to minimise contact and personal interaction. This may mean that some bookings will change to 48 hour pick-up to delivery. For this purpose, we will contact you personally when OSCA resumes.

All members of the OSCA team have been vaccinated.

The OSCA workshop has been re-structured to provide better ventilation.

HEPA Filter (0.3 microns effective) air purification has been installed in the OSCA workshop.

All precautions as per the COVID SAFE Plan have been and are still adhered to.

Extra hygiene practices. Masks. Contactless pick-up and delivery. Staggered work hours for the OSCA ironing team, ample room in the workspace to maintain distance and minimise personal interaction. We are being extra vigilant to all possible transmission threats, inside and outside of the OSCA ironing workshop including directing staff to test.

We hope the above measures can give you the security to continue to use OSCA when the OSCA workshop re-opens on Monday 27th of September.

If you haven’t tried EVERGREEN IRONING, there are still some bookings available for OSCA customers should you need over the next week.

OSCA and EVERGREEN IRONING are companion services and you are welcome to use one, the other or both going forward.


Melbourne Lockdown Update

Over 170 cases reported today. ‘Disappointing’ describes the news well. The intangible suppression we have all been working towards in Melbourne just becomes more elusive. In fact, it seems that we have given up on that goal. Whilst most of us it would seem, are doing the right thing, the virus has other ideas.

Having a plan is great. Having a plan that isn’t working is just plain depressing.

Every time we think we have a way out from this mess, the daily news strikes another blow. I know I am not saying anything enlightening here, I imagine we all feel that way.

So we get up, brush our selves off and have another go. Put on a brave face, cast aside yesterday’s plan and start again. OSCA plan version 6.7 – until tomorrow.

Clearly, the virus can come up with more variants than we are able to so for now, disappointingly, OSCA remains in a lock down. Our sincere apologies do not reflect how frustrated we feel right now, but as things stand, OSCA remains closed for now.

That’s the bad news.

However, as tradition would have it, for every bit of bad news, there should be some good news and the good news is pretty good. Last week we encouraged OSCA customers to try out the EVERGREEN IRONING service. A number of you have taken the opportunity to clear the ever growing pile of ironing and the feedback has been very positive with repeat bookings.

It is an acceptable solution until OSCA re-opens and we recommend it.

Please read the previous news article where we explain what the main differences between the two services are. To save you going to the EVERGREEN IRONING website, the pick-up and delivery times are as follows:

Pick-up Monday morning for a Wednesday morning delivery. Some bookings are still available

Pick-up Wednesday morning for a Friday morning delivery. Bookings are available

Pick-up Friday morning for a Sunday morning delivery. Some bookings are still available

All you need to do is text us and let us know when you would like a pick up.

The EVERGREEN ph no. is 0402 404 926

If you like, we can also add you to a text reminder list and you will receive a text the day before your due preferred pick up day for you to confirm whether you do or don’t need a pick up. Let us know.

If there is anything else you want to discuss, suggest, ask, call us on the OSCA number.

We are actively thinking of and looking for possible solutions and you will be the first to know if we think we have found a way to re-open OSCA. It is our business, we have dedicated our lives to it, we are doing our best.

August 2021


Melbourne Lockdown Update

Like everyone else, we are desperately looking for some good news every time Dan Andrews holds a press conference. Having thought that surely “we can beat this” if everyone does the right thing and we’ll be out of lockdown in a couple of weeks.

We are a small business. Our forte is to come up with innovative solutions to any problem, but this time it’s been pretty hard to maintain the optimism of better things to come. However, always looking for a win-win outcome, we may have come up with a temporary solution that may work for everyone.

As you know we have acquired another ironing business recently and it is important to explain the difference between OSCA IRONING and EVERGREEN IRONING for this to make any sense, please bear with me.

OSCA is focused on providing the best quality of ironing. For that reason, we operate the service from a central workshop, where we can use specialised equipment and regularly train our crew to maintain the highest of quality and standards.

The difficulty, this time around is that this COVID variant is different. If the virus is anywhere, it is everywhere as is evident in Sydney and NSW and although Melbourne has gone hard and early, the numbers are not going down. We are not certain that the measures we put in place during the previous outbreak are sufficient.

In our opinion, the risk of bringing people together to a central location for an extended period of time, especially considering that we are in contact with and responsible to almost a hundred customer families a week is just too great. Unfortunately, setting up the equipment and resources for our crew to work from home and maintaining a strict control are really quite impractical. For these reasons, the OSCA workshop remains closed during the current lockdown.

EVERGREEN IRONING is entirely contactless and all the ironers work from their own homes, on their own equipment. It is a low overhead budget service. The ironers are dedicated and do their best, but the quality is not the same as OSCA quality. EVERGREEN remains open under the conditions of the current lockdown.

Our plans to introduce a combination of the two services to you this year as a means of providing a better budget solution to your ironing needs was interrupted by the most recent lockdown. The introduction letters are sitting in our office now, waiting for the lockdown to end.

The idea being - OSCA quality for the ironing you most care about and EVERGREEN budget for the ironing that does not require the same attention to detail. Effectively - more ironing for your ironing dollar.

This brings us to the proposed solution for your ironing needs during this current lockdown.

Try EVERGREEN IRONING now and find out if this option will fit in with your ironing needs in the future as well.

Hopefully, Victoria’s contact tracers can get on top of things and OSCA will be back on deck in a week or two and in the meanwhile, some of that ironing that is piling up can be taken care of for you.

We may need to juggle a few things around and the pick up and delivery times may vary, but if you write us an email or give us a call, we are sure to be able to help.

Thank you again for your support during these unusual times, we hope this alternative may go some way towards helping out.

Affectionately yours,
Luke, Eve and Osca

June 2021


Melbourne Lockdown Update

Dear OSCA customers,

We hope you are well and coping with the latest lockdown in the best way possible.

As per the government advice and discussions with our ironing staff, OSCA will remain in lockdown for a further 7 days, aiming to resume pick-ups on Thursday 10th of June.

We apologise for any inconvenience this latest lockdown has caused and assure you that we are doing our best to resume our service as soon as we are satisfied that we can do so in a safe and practicable way.

If the situation changes and we are able to resume earlier, we will notify you by text or email.

Masks are available from our shop shop.osca.com.au/collections/masks and can be posted to you or delivered with your next delivery.

May 2021


7 day lockdown - temporary suspension of service

Dear OSCA customers,

Due to the lockdown announced today, and for your and our team’s safety, we are suspending our service until 11.59pm Thursday 3rd June.

Any work in process we will aim to deliver tonight.

Normal pick up’s and deliveries will resume from Friday 4th June. We'll let you know if anything changes.

We appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience during this upcoming period.

Stay safe!

This is also a timely reminder that we have 100% cotton face masks available should you need. The masks have been custom made especially for OSCA in 2020. They are comfortable, washable offer a full face cover and have been extensively tested during the last couple of lockdowns.

Osca 100% Cotton Face Masks


Happy Mothers Day!

To all mums and especially OSCA and Evergreen Ironing customers.

It has been a long tradition at OSCA to mark the occasion with a small gift to say "We are thinking of you and this is a small way of saying 'Thank You' for your loyal custom and support through the year".

These gifts are put together by the OSCA team. Delivered in re-usable, environmentally responsible paper bags. The gift is a small potted pansy. Pansies are a very rewarding plant and will flower till Christmas when planted in the ground or a larger pot and watered regularly. Cutting out the cards, threading and curling ribbon gives us a hands on experience and time to contemplate on why we are doing it. Besides, putting our good thoughts and energy to a happy and rewarding task makes the world a better place don't you agree?

See a video of how the gifts are put together here - How to make the perfect Mothers Day gift or click the image link below.


The Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Nov 2020


Sunday Musings

Now that we’ve taken a giant step towards a new ‘covid normal’ here in Melbourne, is it time to start making long term plans again?

I wonder what we’ll take away from the lockdown. What will be the thing that will stick in our minds as a defining moment of the crisis? Will it be the stuff ups, the politicisation, the honesty, the tragedy, the compliance, the amazing front line workers, the sacrifices people have made or the incredible way we have collectively embraced the restrictions to achieve the impossible - zero daily cases and zero covid related deaths. Something that seemed impossible just a few weeks ago.

What will we miss?

I will miss the quiet of the curfew evening without the constant distant hum of the traffic.

What will we welcome?

The sound of children at school and playgrounds. Visiting our family and friends or just the simple pleasure of having breakfast and coffee at the local café.

What will we keep?

Mindfulness, social distancing and masks, the pleasure of visiting our local park, the opportunity to rediscover our families.

What will we remember?

The announcement of the lifting of the restrictions and the emotion in the Premier’s voice perhaps.

"Where were you when the restrictions were lifted?
At home.”

One thing is for sure, things will never be the same again and we may need for some time to pass before these questions clarify themselves. We have an opportunity to make a better world for ourselves and for our children. Will we take it or just slide back to the way things were always done. The choice is ours to make.


Oct 2020


Sunday 18 October 2020

Is it time to pop the champagne corks yet? If the internet is right, the attire of our premier signals the news he's about to announce. The moment Daniel Andrews stepped out in his North Face jacket today, we relaxed.

Sure,the restrictions easing annnounced may not have been as much as we had all hoped for, but the fact there were some, spells out 'Congratulations Melbourne'. What an amazing job we've all done.

Watching the new case numbers clime exponentially in Europe is a good indicator of where the 700 daily cases in Victoria could have gone or could go if we were to open up more quickly. Just one truck driver threw a spanner into the works for country Victoria so clearly we are not out of the woods yet but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and we may yet enjoy a Christmas like no other. Who would have thought this time last year that all the things we were complaining about - crowded shopping malls, gridlocked traffic, noisy parties and overcrowded coastal resorts would be something we would dearly welcome just a year later.

Closer to home, we are still able to continue to deliver our service. That is good news for all of you who need us at the moment, our staff who are still employed and of course our business that although with greatly reduced bookings still operates and looks in great shape to pick up as soon as the current lockdown ends.



As a permitted retail service with a COVID Safe plan, Osca remains open for business.

Your ironers are all healthy, grateful for your loyal custom and employed. Thank you.



Osca will be closed for service on Friday 23rd October for Grand Final Public Holiday.

Sep 2020



Father Dan has spoken, on the 78th day in a row and the news for Melbourne was good. 14 new cases. Unfortunately, there are still people dying and our hearts go out to their families and loved ones. In hindsight we may understand what could have been done better, but all kudos to premier Daniel Andrews and the 6 million people working with him to get to the other side.

Watching the second wave numbers in Europe reminds me of where we could have gone when our numbers reached 700 and yet here we are. 14. Let me say that again 14. A great community effort. Well done everyone.

I wonder if it is yet time to put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge ready for next weekend when some restrictions are due to be lifted. Or shall we just wait and see - cautiously - and enjoy the flutters of expectation.

I for one will miss the traffic, or the lack there of, I should say. Being one of the privileged, having had good reason to be out on the road around Melbourne for the past few weeks, for a moment Melbourne had just enough traffic for our infrastructure. I guess that will be something I will take with me beyond the lockdown as the roads fill with traffic again.

The business is doing well or as well as one could hope. We’re still here and still employing everyone. In fact, it has been rather a pleasure to run the ‘not so busy’ business without the usual pressures.

We have taken the opportunity to get to some projects we otherwise would not have. Our ironing webpages have had an upgrade. We’ve created a new Melbourne Ironing Directory and there is a handful of new videos on shirting fabric weaves almost ready.

Currently we are also awaiting a shipment of made for OSCA, 100% cotton hand woven, hand sewn, washable, re-usable face masks and sporting five different colours. We will let you know as soon as they have arrived.

And finally. Many, many thanks to you all for your custom and support that got us through this far. The light at the end of the tunnel and the general mood is getting brighter along with the Spring weather.

It looks like we are going to make it Melbourne!

Kindly Yours,


Aug 2020



With a COVID Safe plan, OSCA remains open.

Your ironers are all healthy, grateful for your loyal custom and employed. Thank you.

We have posted some new videos to youtube: Care Labels Explained, History of Weaving, Weaving. Click the links or watch them below. Enjoy!


Adversity makes us stronger.

This week has illustrated exactly why Melbourne has often been referred to as the most livable city.

There is a long list. The best drinking water, the tree lined suburban streets, the parklands, the Coffee! Now we can add 'the community'.

There has been a palatable shift that has come with stage 4 restrictions. Collectively, our fear is turning into determination. Collectively we are learning to own the fight against the virus.

When we act as a community and give more thought to others than ourselves we become resilient.

Go Melbourne


"Care Labels Explained" on Youtube:

Care Labels Explained


"History of Weaving" on Youtube:

History of Weaving


"Weaving" on Youtube:




We hope you are well and staying safe.

Many customers have been asking whether we are able to continue to trade.

Under STAGE 4 restrictions, OSCA remains OPEN with a strict COVID SAFE PLAN.

We pick-up and deliver Ironing, Dry-Cleaning and Laundry. As part of the Dry-Cleaning and Laundry industry, we are able to continue to trade.

Your ironing goes directly from your home to the OSCA workshop.

The OSCA workshop is operating with a limited crew to ensure proper social distancing with each ironer having 9sq meters of space to work from.

Strict hygiene practices and frequent hand washing are the new standard.

Your baskets and all work surfaces and equipment are sanitised before and after ironing.

Contactless pick-up and delivery.

Please leave your basket out for the pick-up and a rack for your hanging items for delivery. If you require a hanging rack, please contact us and we will supply you with one.

At the first sign of illness, your ironer is required to self-isolate, get tested and seek advice from their doctor before returning to work.

Your ironer is required to wear a face mask while ironing.

If you have a 24 hour booking, we may ask for a 48 hour return to make sure your ironing is done to the usual expected quality.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing custom and especially for your understanding and generous support.

Our priority is to continue to maintain our operations while we can, keep our staff employed and continue to provide our service as you need.

Stay safe!


This past week has probably been the hardest so far in the sense of the feeling of hopelessness as we wait for Premier Daniel Andrews to announce the latest tragic toll. Each day our hearts and prayers reach out to the families of those who have lost loved ones to the raging COVID menace and admire the tenacity and dedication of our front-line heroes.

Each day we wonder whether the next level of restrictions will bring about some sense of relief to our Melbourne community as we collectively adapt, make new plans and fight to defeat the virus. Each day our determination grows stronger. We can do this.

The virus is very talented in exposing and taking advantage of weaknesses in processes, systems and behaviour. Humans on the other hand happen to be very talented at adapting. We have six weeks to prove the point. Around the world, countries that have adopted a stricter lockdowns are faring better so there is some hope in looking forward. The way to defeat this menace is to be the smart ones - individually and collectively - and eliminate any opportunity for it to spread.



DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services Victoria COVID-19 Daily update


Watch this video to get a sense of the reality of what our frontline heroes have to endure in their effort to keep us safe.


Jul 2020



OSCA is cautiously re-opening this Monday 27th July.

If you have a regular booking we will be there for you as normal, unless you have advised us otherwise.

At this time, your ironers and all OSCA staff are well and healthy.

The wearing of masks in public, along with social distancing and diligent hygiene is the best way of controlling the spread of the virus. Our own observations, customer feedback, the introduction of mandatory mask wearing and seeing how Melburnians have responded has given us to confidence to resume providing our service.

Studying the Melbourne map of COVID19 infections based on case figures published daily on the Department of Health and Human Services' (DHHS) website over the last two weeks shows that some areas of Melbourne are more affected than others.


One week suspension

We would like to assure you that OSCA does not provide service in the geographical areas that are recording the highest case increases. Nor do we visit, drive through or get our supplies from those areas.


Hospital grade hygiene in the OSCA workshop.

Limited crew to maintain social distancing.

Mask wearing while ironing, staggered starting and finishing times and individual timetable for breaks for all OSCA staff.

Driver travels directly to the customers (contactless pick up and delivery) and back to base without stopping for anything else along the way to avoid any potential contact or contamination.


The virus is coated with fat. Once the fat is dissolved in a soapy hot wash, the virus falls apart, becomes ineffective and washes away with water.

An iron heats to 180 to 200 degrees. Steam from an iron penetrates fabric at a temperature of over 200 degrees. Enough to sanitise your garments whilst in our care.


One week suspension


Dear Osca Customers,

We would like to personally thank you for your positive and encouraging notes of support. Your feedback helps to guide our decision making.

As you know, we have suspended providing our service for the past week as a precaution following a spike in numbers of confirmed COVID19 cases in Melbourne.

Unfortunately, the situation has not become better with over 363 cases reported just today (19.7.2020).

Considering also, our responsibility for the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff we have asked them to remain home for one more week.

As a result of these events, OSCA will be closed for one more week.

If you already have a confirmed booking for this coming week, our sincere apologies, the situation is not exactly in our control.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes and hope to resume as normal next Monday 27th of July. Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

As inconvenient as it is, we believe that in the long term it is better for all of us in Melbourne to just hang in there until the authorities get on top of this current outbreak. Stay safe everyone, we will get through this together.




Melbourne has recorded over a thousand new cases of COVID19 in the last week. As a community, we all have a responsibility to minimize the opportunity for the virus to spread.

Just to re-assure you, OSCA is able to continue providing our service under stage three restrictions. We have put in place sufficient hygiene and process measures to be comfortable that we are doing so safely. If you like, Stage 3 compliant.

However, these are anxious times and with a view of the well being of you our customers, and our ironing angels we have decided to suspend our service for the next week as a precaution.

One week suspension

We appreciate that this is very short notice and apologise for any inconvenience this will cause you. We are trying to do the right thing by everyone.

OSCA is planning to resume our service the following week, beginning Monday 20th July as normal. However, this is a day by day changing and uncertain situation so we will let you know if anything changes.


If your ironing is currently with us, we will be delivering as per your usual day and time.



By now we’ve all heard the news that Melbourne is going back to stage 3 restrictions.

During the first time we were in stage 3, we have adopted additional hygiene measures and new procedures to safeguard the wellbeing of you, our customers and our staff.

COVID 19 Updates

We have not relaxed the measures even during the easing of restrictions. Better hygiene is always a good idea. In fact we have adopted the new way permanently.

Be assured
we are even more diligent right now!

At the moment, we are taking things day by day as circumstances are changing very quickly. We may at short notice decide to close down for two weeks as we did earlier in the year. Until things settle and we can have peace of mind again.

Of course, we will text you to let you know.

You and our ironers are paramount in our decisions.

Jun 2020



As part of our COVID-19 Phoenix Plan we have teed up with one of our local traders to value add to the service we provide to you.

Angelo's Nuts

Angelo runs a family business at the Bulleen Plaza

Having know Angelo for more than 20 years, he is a trusted source of Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit and berries.

Angelo's Nuts

You can order directly from our online shop for a free deliver with your next ironing delivery.

The Nut Man of Bulleen.


"How to Iron a pair of Chinos demonstrated by Eve" on Youtube:

How to Iron a pair of Chinos demonstrated by Eve

May 2020



On behalf of ourselves and our ironing angels, we would like to express our gratitude for your ongoing support as we navigate this unprecedented time together.

Yes, we have experienced a downturn in our bookings. However, your custom is providing a vital lifeline to our business as we continue to trade and provide employment for our staff. We really appreciate it.

Our top priority continues to be your safety and wellbeing as well as that of our staff while we persist in maintaining strict hygiene practices in handling your garments. The OSCA ‘basket squad’ is ‘active’ and your baskets and hangers are thoroughly sanitised every time your ironing comes through whilst we also continue to practice social distancing in our workshop which has so far kept everyone healthy.

For the latest news and recent ironing videos, please visit our webpage. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome.


"How to Iron a Polo Shirt demonstrated by Eve" on Youtube:

How to Iron a Polo Shirt demonstrated by Eve

April 2020


"How to Iron a shirt for a teleconference while working from home" on Youtube:

How to Iron a shirt for a teleconference while working from home


Osca is on Youtube. Check out our first video of a simple how to iron a shirt tutorial.

How to Iron a shirt basic tutorial by Osca


Dear OSCA customers,

We hope you are happy and healthy. Thank you for the recent opportunity to, especially on behalf of our ironing team, reassess where we all fit in to the new normal.

The latest advice we have is that Daniel Andrews has extended the stage 3 restrictions till May 11th.

OSCA resumes on the 20th of April as previously advised.

Having implemented a number of new improvements to how we operate, we are confident that we can safely continue to provide our service under stage 3 restrictions.

Ironing pick-up:

Please leave your basket of ironing in the usual place. Our driver will pick up your ironing and immediately wipe down the handles and outer surfaces when placing the basket in the van. If you don’t have a cover cloth, one will be put over the garments in your basket for extra protection. For peace of mind, you will receive a text message to say your ironing has been picked up.

Basket sanitisation - Active Basket Squad:

Upon arrival at the OSCA workshop, your basket is sanitised. Your garments are set aside and the basket is washed inside and outside with soap and hot water and sprayed with methylated spirits.

Ironer hygiene:

Your ironer travels to the OSCA workshop directly from home. The day starts with washing of hands and wiping down of all ironing equipment and surfaces with methylated spirits. Each ironer only handles one customer basket at a time, washing hands before and after the handling of any one customer’s ironing.

Workshop physical distancing:

Each ironing workstation is in an area of 3 meters by 3 meters (9 square meters). The workshop is well ventilated and of course, spotless.

NOTE: We had thoroughly examined the alternative of our ironers working from their own home and there are just too many variables out of our control. So we came to the conclusion that at a single location, in the OSCA workshop, allows us to maintain a tighter check on hygiene and processes.

Delivery vehicle:

The interior of the delivery vehicles is sanitised before and after each pick-up and delivery run and of course, kept spotless. The door handles are sprayed and wiped with methylated spirits.

Ironing Delivery:

Usually, our driver will leave your completed ironing in the same location where they picked up from. It would be great if you can provide a clothes’ rack for the hanging items, we don’t have enough room in the vehicles to carry a spare rack for every delivery.

If you don’t have a suitable rack, we still have a number of ‘Hangaway’ racks available at the OSCA SHOP.


Allowing for physical distancing in our workshop, we will be operating at a limited capacity. Should we find that we can not cope with the workload, we may be asking you to change the pick-up and delivery days or to extend the time from pick-up to delivery. This will be something we will review on an individual basis and would contact you personally to reach a suitable or temporary arrangement.


There will come a day when COVID-19 will be defeated. However, things will most likely never return to how they were before the outbreak so we have been peering into our crystal ball and imagining how, when and what so we are ready.


For the last 35 years, we have been developing the art of ironing and we are pretty good at it. Perhaps it is time to share our skills in the shape of ironing instruction videos. It is something we can see ourselves doing looking forwards. We have an excellent product and a global audience. To that end we have used the short break to create our first sample video. Let us know what you think. Your opinion and suggestions are very valuable to us.

While you continue to use our service, we have an infinite variety of garments to choose from and you never know, one of our videos might be of your favourite garment!


Now that we are stuck in our homes, it is not so easy to pop out for that favourite thing. Well, we already deliver your ironing and adding products from trusted sources may be a way of giving you extra service, while helping out some local traders at the same time.


Angelo runs a Fresh Nut shop in Bulleen. Having known Angelo for over twenty years, he qualifies as a trusted source. Angelo only sources nuts and dried fruits from local Victorian and Australian growers and is very particular about the quality. Recently, his trade has tanked and we would love to help him out by introducing his products to you. Angelo is a trusted source of fresh nuts and dried fruits and we can deliver to you on his behalf.

Currently we are working on how best to give you remote access to his products and will let you know in the next couple of weeks.

Angelo's Nuts


Les runs a fine wine and liquor store in North Balwyn. Having also known Les for over 20 years, he is another trusted source. Les has been in the industry all his life and knows where to find that bottle of wine you’ve been looking for. We would love to introduce you and he would welcome the opportunity. Likewise, we are in discussion with Les on how we can best give you remote access to his products. We have checked and it is legal for us to deliver on his behalf.

Les' Fine Wines

March 2020



Dear Osca Customers,

We hope you are well and healthy and keeping it together.

After careful consideration we have come to the conclusion that we need to take some ‘time out’.

We will be temporarily suspending our service for two weeks, starting next week, 6th of April to coincide with the last week of school holidays and Easter. Usually a time when our service is not in high demand so as to cause the least inconvenience.

Events and changes have been happening at a breakneck speed recently and everyone, especially our ironers, are physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted and frankly, could do with some ‘time out’. Just to catch our breath and have a bit of time to reflect on what has been going on and what it all means. Something we could all do with right now.

Starting next week, our service will be suspended for two weeks from
Monday 6th of April to Friday the 17th of April

We have been able to weather the storm so far and continue to keep the business running and all our ironers employed, having introduced new measures such as strict hygiene protocols, white glove service, ironers working from home, social distancing and contact-less pick-up and delivery. Our responsibility to your health, that of our ironers and their families and, of course, our own family is paramount.

Right now, we, and our ironers are all healthy and we aim to resume our service on Monday April 20th, subject to any further restrictions announced by the government.

Apologies for the inconvenience, we hope you understand that this is something we need to do at the moment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To keep you informed over the course of this crisis, we will be texting you when our web page has been updated with any new information.


Osca coronavirus updates:
Coronavirus Update Overlay


Osca pick up and delivery procedures:
Osca pick up and delivery procedures



Dear Customer,

Your health and safety and that of our employees is our top priority. We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 advice and in light of recent developments, have made some additional changes to how we deliver our service.


The World Health Organisation recommends social distancing to help prevent the spread of illness. To this end, we are encouraging contactless pick-up and delivery of your ironing.


Where possible, please leave your ironing where it can be collected by our driver. You will receive a text message when your ironing has been picked up.


Where possible, your ironing will be delivered and left for you. If you can, please provide a hanging rack. You will receive a text message when your ironing has been delivered.

Rest assured we are taking this very seriously and are mindful of our responsibility to keep you informed about any changes or developments.

For more information please visit the Australian Department of Health's COVID-19 Information Page, or the World Health Organisations Advice Page.


Introducing Osca White Glove Service.
Osca White Glove Service



Dear Customer,

Like everyone else, we are considering our options in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak in Melbourne.

We have advised our ironers and made preparations for scaling back or closing down for a period of time should that be the advice from the relevant medical authorities.

In such an event, we will notify you by text or email.


We are keeping our staff reliably informed daily, have doubled up on our hygiene awareness and efforts such as washing hands before and after handling and ironing your garments.

Ironing workspaces are kept clean and all surfaces as well as equipment regularly wiped down with sanitising products. We do the same for baskets coming in and out of the workshop.

Rest assured that we are taking extra precautions when handling your ironing and are mindful of the responsibility to keep you informed.

February 2020


Osca Tokens February Special : Wooden hangers pack of 4 now only 5 tokens. Now available at the OSCA SHOP.

January 2020


"Happy New Year!"
We are back on deck, ready to give you the best of us.

December 2019


OSCA will be closed for our annual break for three weeks.
Our last day of trade for 2019 will be Friday 20th December, and we are back on deck from Monday 13th January 2020.

Wishing you all the best for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 2019


The OSCA workshop is open for CUP DAY public holiday on Tuesday 5th November, 2019.
Pickups and deliveries as per your normal schedule.
Should you want to reschedule, defer or change your booking time you can text, email or update your booking here

October 2019


100% Cotton OSCA Reuseable Shirt Travel Bags. Only 20 tokens each during July. Get them at the OSCA SHOP.

August 2019


Osca Tokens August Special : Wooden hangers pack of 4 now only 5 tokens. Now available at the OSCA SHOP.

July 2019


100% Cotton OSCA Reuseable Shirt Travel Bags. Only 20 tokens each during July. Get them at the OSCA SHOP.

June 2019

May 2019


OSCA will be closed for QUEENS BIRTHDAY public holiday on Monday 10th June, 2019.
If your Ironing booking falls on Monday morning, please be advised there will be no Monday morning pickups as there will be no one in the workshop to do the ironing.
We can pick up for you on Monday evening instead or resume the following Monday morning.
Should you want to reschedule, defer or change your booking time you can text, email or update your booking here.


Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day!

April 2019


Osca Tokens : Collect your tokens to redeem for useful items from the OSCA SHOP.


Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!


The Osca Ironing Training Curriculum outline is online. It will continue to be expanded and updated.

March 2019


One of our superstars has completed training in "Ladies Blouses" with a score of 91%.


One of our superstars has completed training in "Mens Shirts" with a score of 94%.


One of our superstars has completed training in "T-Shirts, Polos and Stretch Tops" with a score of 91%.


OSCA will be closed for ANZAC DAY public holiday on Thursday 19th April, 2019.
If your Ironing booking falls on Wednesday Evening, there will be no pick up this week unless you have made other arrangements.
If your Ironing booking falls on Thursday Morning, there will be no pick up this week unless you have made other arrangements.
If your Ironing booking falls on Thursday Evening, pickups will resume as normal.
Should you want to reschedule, defer or change your booking time you can text, email or update your booking here.


One of our superstars is not well and will be away for a week. Get well soon!


We have lost a good friend. Rest in peace Pauline. It has been a privelige and an honor to have been of service.


OSCA will be closed for EASTER MONDAY public holiday on Monday 22nd April, 2019.
If your Ironing booking falls on Monday morning, please be advised there will be no Monday morning pickups as there will be no one in the workshop to do the ironing.
We can pick up for you on Monday evening instead or resume the following Monday morning.
Should you want to reschedule, defer or change your booking time you can text, email or update your booking here.


OSCA will be closed for GOOD FRIDAY public holiday on Friday 19th April, 2019.
If your Ironing booking falls on Thursday Evening, please be advised there will be no Thursday evening pickups as there will be no one in the workshop to do the ironing on the Friday.
Should you want to reschedule, defer or change your booking time you can text, email or update your booking here.


Osca Tokens March Special : Wooden hangers pack of 4 now only 5 tokens. Now available at the OSCA SHOP.

February 2019


Following a rocky start to the year, our ironing crew is once again complete.
With a full complement of ironers and the summer rush easing, we are open to new bookings.


Ironers Wanted! OSCA is currently recruiting. Visit the employment page for more information.


The OSCA workshop is closed for LABOUR DAY public holiday on Monday 11th March, 2019.
If your booking falls on Monday morning, please be advised there will be no Monday morning pickups as there will be no one in the workshop to do the ironing.
We can pick up for you on Monday evening instead or resume the following Monday morning.
Should you want to reschedule, defer or change your booking time you can text, email or update your booking here


Another of our Ironing superstars hass re-joined the OSCA ironing team.


One of our Ironing superstars has re-joined the OSCA ironing team.


We have received another shipment of the 100% Cotton OSCA Reuseable Shirt Travel Bags. They are now available at the OSCA SHOP.

January 2019


One of our Ironing superstars is not well and will be away for a week.


Happy Australia Day!


Please note that OSCA will be closed on Monday 28th January 2019 for AUSTRALIA DAY.
There will be no Monday AM pickups or deliveries. Monday PM bookings will resume as normal.


Due to a staff shortage, OSCA will not be accepting any NEW ironing bookings until mid February.
Existing OSCA customer bookings are not affected. If you are an existing OSCA customer just let us know when you need us and we'll be there.


One of our Ironing superstars has been detained by a family emergency and will not be re-joining the OSCA ironing team until mid February.


"Happy New Year!"
We are back from holidays, ready to give you the best of us.

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